Have you ever had things just not work according to plan? That was 2017 for me. I thought ww would be moving closer to my day job, selling the farm, I would have  my blog be earning money, have written a book, and have my diabetes totally in hand. My word for 2017 was “Transformation “.

Well, there was some transformation,  but not like I had thought. Instead of selling and moving, my son moved home and we revamped the farm. My husband retired. I am still having over an hour commute to work. I spent a lot of time figuring things out with the lawyer for the farm and trust. (Our old wills were 14 years old and didn’t include our 11-year-old at all, so it was past due)! I had two kids graduate college, one graduate home school, one get married, and we welcomed a new grandson to the family. In the midst of all this,  I made some choices that were not good for me. I’ve dealt with a return of my depression, eating in a way that was really harmful for my diabetes, and avoided exercise.

So, my new word for the year is Life. I want to pursue Jesus. And make choices that will honor the life He gives. I am still working out what that will mean practically, but I think it will mean more sleep, less self-impossed pressure,  more exercise, and more time connecting to people. On that note,  my husband and I are off for a cruise to celebrate our 35th anniversary.

Happy new year! Do you have a word for the year?

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